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Jaidarshan believes in delivering not only the best but also offering a wide range to its clients. It manufactures and exports a massive
range of centrifugally cast cylinder liners and sleeves for car, heavy commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, tractors and com

Three types of brief introduction of cylinder liner


Dry cylinder sleeve piston protector is one of the basic. They must be able to withstand high temperature, to prevent impurities, so they were built in high-grade materials, such as iron and ceramic nickel plating. Dry liner than their opponents, wet lining much thinner. They do not interact with the engine cooling water, but with the jacket very closely matched in the cylinder body, the piston to protect from heat and impurities.
Wet Cylinder Liner protection in a different way than the piston, but they consist of the same cold material. They are in direct contact with the engine cooling water. Sometimes, wet Cylinder Liner with a small opening, to help disperse the heat and impurities. These types of lining called jacket lining, but just another type of wet Cylinder Liner. If the lining does not have the cooling sleeve, 1 is composed of liner created by and in the cylinder body jacket interaction.
Heat and impurity finned cylinder sleeve structure of the same type of metal resistant. This type of liner is designed for air-cooled engine, and the operation is very like a dry Cylinder Liner, the air cooling medium motor. However, these lining are equipped with fin tiny, allowed to flow into the air and the cylinder around the great pressure plotted to provide cooling.

How Cylinder Liner Lubrication Perform Inside Engine?


Piston moves to and fro inside a cylinder and engineers have employed many piston rings inside the grooves on the piston that perform several tasks, including pressure sealing inside the combustion chamber. The speed of rubbing (friction) between the cylinder liner and piston rings is high. Other than this, there are extreme temperature conditions, pressure, and corrosive gases within the combustion chamber to which any lubricating oil between the piston and the liner would be used to.

Jaidarshan Indocraft Pvt. Ltd is equipped with several components that are in relative motion that can be different kinds- sliding, rotary, or oscillatory. Lubrication is a critical step to make the performance of the device smoother and prevent wearing of the components and damage.

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Automobile Liners , Refrigeration Liners , Air/Water cooled blocks


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